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Start off the school year with this dynamic and engaging getting to know you activity. This is great for the first day of school!



Get to know your students with this great “All About Me” activity! This worksheet is perfect for ANY course and especially performing arts courses (theater, music, dance, etc.) The prompts reveal information about your student and will help you identify their favorite songs, career goals, and excitement for your class! 



Students complete the form which serves as a useful introduction of each child to the teacher. Use this worksheet as an icebreaker and talk to them about the best day of their life and clubs/sports they're involved in. You might discover the most important thing to know about them is that they need a few minutes to cool off when upset! 



Keep this in your student files and refer back to them when you are trying to make a classroom playlist or when you're trying to figure out what has helped them succeed academically in classes before.

All About Me Worksheet

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